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Four ways ArcherMind can
help your business

ArcherMind Technology is a well-established, well-respected global software development company. Through flexible service delivery models we can help you in four key areas...

• Quality: Deliver on time, guaranteed high quality software products through American best-practice project management and our own coveted Quality Assurance control system

• Protection: Extreme security measures guarantee complete IP protection with a 100% security track record

• Experience: Highly qualified management team and software development teams consistently deliver the right client solutions

• Cost: Significantly reduce software development cost by as much as 75% with a corresponding benefit of reduced time to market

What you need to know
about ArcherMind

ArcherMind's business experiences extend to the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and Japan.

We can perform a wide-range of software development services for any type or size of company in most any industry segment.

We are best known for our wireless software development expertise, the quality of our engineers, our dedication to IP security and the quality of our delivered products.

Our business philosophy is to be as flexible as possible in our client relationships. We deliver services through a range of time-and-material, fixed price, short-term, long-term, onsite or offshore service delivery options.

All projects are on a negotiated price basis using project-based, team-based or virtual overseas development center models.

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IP Commitment
How can ArcherMind
help you protect your intellectual property?


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